Hi, hi, hi, there!

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Graduated in Dante Alighieri, a traditional Italian school, I soon wanted to scape from all those conventional rules and discovered the best job for that: creative advertisement. Then, I went to FAAP, attending several classes based on studying films, analyzing images, and of course, psychology, philosophy and many other tools that made me prepared for some disruptive thinking.

After that, I decided to completely specialize myself on creative copywriting and attended Miami Ad School - ESPM, the Brazilian branch of the most creative and professionalizing advertisement school in the world, which made me prepared for agency's daily work.

I like very much to read and watch movies (as many as I can), as well as listen to music (good music, please) and play my electric guitar and my PS4. My friends are the world to me, and I carry them along since my early days.

I am a continuous learner, who have eyes open for everything around me, and hope to make my mark on this world.


CALL ME: 55 11 98261 2244